Lake Havasu Movie Theater

Sun-kissed shores, sparkling waters, and endless adventures await in Lake Havasu, Arizona. This desert oasis isn’t just a haven for boaters and sunbathers; it’s also a treasure trove of vibrant culture and entertainment. And what better way to escape the desert heat than by diving into a cool, darkened movie theater?

“Lake Havasu Movie Theater?” the phrase whispers like a promise of cinematic escape. Imagine plush seats, buttery popcorn, and the silver screen flickering to life with the latest blockbusters or heartwarming indie gems. Whether you’re seeking thrills, laughter, or a cozy night out, Lake Havasu’s theaters have the perfect recipe for movie magic.

But the magic extends far beyond the screen. Lake Havasu is a tapestry of experiences woven from vibrant threads. Hike through volcanic canyons, kayak through hidden coves, or tee off on championship golf courses. Explore the quirky charm of London Bridge, a piece of England transplanted to the desert, or lose yourself in the surreal beauty of the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. From adrenaline-pumping water sports to laid-back lakeside lounging, Lake Havasu has a rhythm for every soul.

So grab your tickets, your swimsuit, and your thirst for adventure. Lake Havasu’s ready to roll the credits on your ordinary and welcome you to a cinematic playground under the desert sun.

Dive into Lake Havasu’s Movie Theaters

Soaring through galaxies with Buzz Lightyear, giggling at Olaf’s silly antics in Frozen, or feeling the rumble of dinosaurs shaking the theater seats in Jurassic Park. All this excitement and more awaits you at the amazing movie theaters in Lake Havasu. These cool cinemas aren’t just dark rooms with a big screen. They’re like portals to different worlds, filled with comfy seats, yummy popcorn, and the magic of movies.

You can choose from giant screens with booming sound that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action, or smaller, cozier theaters perfect for cuddling up with your family for a heartwarming story. So grab your friends, pick your favorite adventure, and get ready to be transported to a whole new world.

Catch Flicks and Fun in Lake Havasu’s Open-Air Cinemas

Catch Flicks and Fun in Lake Havasu's Open-Air Cinemas

Watching a movie under a sky full of twinkling stars, with the warm desert breeze rustling through your hair and the soft glow of the screen illuminating your face. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality at Lake Havasu’s incredible open-air cinemas.

Movie Magic Under the Moonlight: Forget stuffy, indoor theaters. Here, you can sprawl out on comfy lawn chairs, picnic under the stars, or even cozy up in a swing-seat under the desert sky. It’s like a backyard movie night on steroids, with a giant screen showcasing all the latest blockbusters, hilarious comedies, and heartwarming family favorites.

Four Flicks for Fun:

  • Family Film Fest: Pack the blankets and snacks for a night of animated adventures and heartwarming classics. Imagine laughing with Toy Story, cheering for Moana, or singing along with Frozen under the desert stars.
  • Date Night Delight: Get cozy with your special someone under the twinkling sky. Share bags of popcorn and whispered secrets while you get lost in a romantic comedy or a thrilling mystery.
  • Blockbuster Bash: Grab your friends and get ready for an epic night of explosions, special effects, and superhero showdowns. Feel the rumble of dinosaurs in Jurassic World, cheer for your favorite team in a sports flick, or blast off into space with Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Indie Gems Galore: Don’t miss out on the hidden treasures! Open-air cinemas often screen independent films and cult classics, giving you a chance to discover something new and exciting.

Lake Havasu Movie Theaters Offer Something for Every Cinephile

Calling all movie lovers! Lake Havasu isn’t just about sunshine and water sports. It’s also a haven for cinephiles, with theaters catering to every kind of film fanatic. Whether you’re a superhero enthusiast, a die-hard animation buff, or a horror movie aficionado, there’s a screen waiting to whisk you away on a cinematic adventure.

For those who crave the ultimate movie experience, Lake Havasu boasts state-of-the-art theaters with IMAX screens and Dolby Atmos sound. Imagine feeling the rumble of spaceships in Star Wars, gasping as dinosaurs chase you in Jurassic Park, or cheering as your favorite superheroes battle epic villains – all surrounded by immersive sights and sounds that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

So whether you’re a die-hard fan of a specific genre or just love the magic of movies, Lake Havasu’s theaters have something for everyone. Grab your popcorn, settle into your seat, and get ready to lose yourself in the incredible world of cinema.

Cozy Up for a Cinematic Escape in Lake Havasu’s Romantic Theaters

Forget crowded malls and noisy restaurants! Picture this: a twinkling night sky, the gentle desert breeze, and you and your special someone cuddled up in a plush, double-seat recliner, sharing a giant bucket of popcorn under the soft glow of the movie screen. That’s the romantic magic that awaits you at Lake Havasu’s cozy theaters.

These aren’t your typical cinemas. Imagine intimate settings with velvet curtains, warm lighting, and even fireplaces crackling in the corner. You can choose from comfy sofas perfect for snuggling, luxurious recliners that practically massage you, or even private balcony seats with a breathtaking view of the starry desert sky. No need to fight for armrests here – there’s plenty of space for whispered secrets, shared giggles, and cozy hand-holding throughout the movie.

From heartwarming rom-coms and tear-jerking dramas to classic films that spark conversation, Lake Havasu’s cozy theaters offer the perfect escape for a special night out. So ditch the ordinary and let the silver screen set the mood for an unforgettable, cinematic date night under the desert stars.

Lake Havasu’s Theaters Offer Luxurious Amenities and VIP Experiences

More like movie MAGIC! Dive into sparkling screens, plush seats, and popcorn-fueled adventures. From open-air cinemas under the stars to VIP pampering with personal popcorn service, there’s a silver screen escape waiting for everyone. So grab your friends, family, or even your teddy bear, and get ready to be whisked away.

VIP Treatment

At Lake Havasu’s theaters, being VIP is a thrill. You get special treatment and feel like a superstar. From deluxe seats to tasty snacks served at your seat, it’s a movie experience like no other.

Plush Seats Galore

Sink into cozy chairs that make you feel like you’re on a cloud. They’re so comfy, you’ll never want to leave! Plus, some theaters even have recliners for ultimate relaxation.

Treats and Eats

Imagine having your favorite snacks delivered right to you while watching the movie. At Lake Havasu’s theaters, it’s a reality. You can munch on popcorn, sip drinks, and savor tasty treats without missing a scene.

Lake Havasu’s Theaters Host Special Events and Live Performances

Lake Havasu's Theaters Host Special Events and Live Performances

Forget just movies! Lake Havasu’s theaters are bursting with life! Imagine cracking up at live stand-up, stomping to concert tunes under stars, or even meeting your movie hero. Special events and live performances make these cinemas way more than popcorn and seats. So ditch the ordinary, grab your friends, and get ready for a night that’s anything but average.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Lake Havasu’s theaters aren’t just about movies; they’re stages for awesome live performances! Imagine actors singing, dancing, and doing cool stuff right before your eyes. It’s like TV, but real and super fun.

Diverse Events

These theaters host big concerts with musicians rocking out and plays that make you laugh or feel all sorts of emotions. It’s like entering a magical world where anything can happen.

Vibrant Performances

The theaters here are alive! You’ll see talented folks doing amazing things, from comedy nights that make your belly ache with laughter to musicals that warm your heart.

Memorable Moments

Families, friends, and even strangers come together here, sharing special moments and creating lasting memories. Clapping along to a great show or sharing smiles during breaks—it’s all about making unforgettable experiences by the lake.

From London Bridge to Movie Magic: Unwind and Explore in Lake Havasu After the Credits Roll

Lights out, credits roll, but the fun in Lake Havasu? Just keepin’ on! Ditch the seats, grab your sunscreen, and adventure awaits! Stroll London Bridge, a piece of England plopped in the desert, snap a movie-worthy selfie, then hop on a boat for dolphin spotting or a kayak to hidden coves.

Hike canyons, tee off on golf courses, or explore quirky shops – sunshine, laughter, and desert magic guaranteed! So ditch the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and let Lake Havasu write the sequel to your perfect day.


Looking for Lake Havasu theaters’ movie times?

Catch the latest flicks at Movies Havasu or Star Cinemas! Check showtimes for both online.

How mush movies havasu prices?

Movie prices in Havasu vary, but generally:

  • Adults $6.50-$10.25, children $7.50.
  • Discounts for seniors, students, & Tuesdays.

Are there any movie theaters currently open in Lake Havasu?

Yes, there are two movie theaters open in Lake Havasu.

  • Movies Havasu is open from 9:30 AM to 1:00 AM.
  • Star Cinemas is open from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Where can I purchase Lake Havasu movie theater tickets?

You can purchase tickets for both Movies Havasu and Star Cinemas online. Visit their websites:

  • Movies Havasu
  • Star Cinemas

Both theaters are open today from 9:30 AM. Enjoy the movie.

Are there ten movie theaters in Havasu?

Nope, just two in Havasu: Movies Havasu and Star Cinemas.  Enjoy your flick!


So, the next time you’re craving movie magic, think beyond the ordinary cinemas and head to the vibrant shores of Lake Havasu! From open-air screens under twinkling stars to plush VIP recliners with personal popcorn service, these theaters offer an escape fit for any adventurer. 

Whether you’re a superhero enthusiast, a die-hard animation buff, or just love spending time with friends and family, there’s a Lake Havasu Movie Theater waiting to whisk you away on a cinematic journey. Grab your popcorn, settle into your comfy seat, and get ready to be transported to a world of laughter, suspense, and wonder.

With the desert sun warming your face and the cool night air swirling around you, Lake Havasu Movie Theaters promise an unforgettable movie experience that will leave you grinning long after the credits roll. So ditch the same old routine and dive into the silver screen magic of Lake Havasu! You won’t regret it.

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