Christian Movies Out In 2024 [See Complete List]

Christian movies tell inspiring stories about faith. They share messages of hope, kindness and courage. These films teach valuable life lessons through enjoyable narratives. Christian movies lift spirits and bring communities together.

Christian Movies Out In 2024 promises to deliver many uplifting new films. Viewers will find faith-based dramas, comedies and biopics. Stories of overcoming hardship through compassion will encourage audiences. People from all backgrounds can be entertained while receiving inspiration.

Many Christian movies will open in theaters. Others let families stream films at home. Upcoming releases cover topics families, teens and adults enjoy. Whether fictional or true, all films show kindness is humanity’s strength. Movies spread messages in joyous or thoughtful ways. Audiences leave feeling comforted through faith-driven cinema. Here are a few top Christian movies of 2024 to add to your watchlist:

For Heartwarming Journeys

The slate of Christian Movies Out In 2024 promises to deliver many heartwarming journeys of faith. These movies will uplift and encourage viewers. Movies exploring themes of courage in the face of hardship will be released. Movies examining redemption after struggle will also be released.

Viewers will see movies showcasing the power of community to heal wounds. Movies on these uplifting topics are set for release. Audiences will be touched by these inspiring stories. The movies are meant to spread comfort and hope. They are meant for those seeking spiritual guidance. The films also offer escape from life’s difficulties for viewers. Here are some Christian Heartwarming Journeys movies below:

Ordinary Angels

Ordinary Angels

Ordinary Angels is a Christian movie. It explores themes of faith and family. The film tells an inspirational story. It features characters who face challenges. They encounter hardship and loss. But find light in community. Love and support from others helps. The characters emerge stronger. Their faith is deepened. Viewers are touched by this tale. It spreads a message of hope.

Someone Like You

Someone Like You

Someone Like You is a Christian romantic drama. It tells a story of second chances at love. The movie features a character named Hailey. She has given up on relationships. But volunteers at her church to stay busy.

There she meets a new youth pastor named Jacob. He is recently divorced with two kids. Jacob and Hailey connect through helping others. They overcome doubts about romance. Viewers see them fall in love. But challenges emerge from their pasts. Faith and forgiveness help them. The film spreads a message of fresh starts.

For historical insights

Christian Movies Out In 2024 will feature films providing historical insights into how faith impactful people and societies. Movies like Unsung Hero and A Light on the Bonhoeffer real events where religion guided courage against injustice. Here are some Christian historical insights movies below:

Freud’s Last Session

Freud's Last Session

Freud’s Last Session is a historical drama film. It is set in 1939 London. The renowned thinker Sigmund Freud is elderly. A young Christian man named C.S. Lewis visits him. Lewis and Freud debate big ideas.

They discuss religion, science and humanity. Both intellectuals are brilliant yet opposing. Freud has doubts at life’s end. Lewis brings spiritual perspective. Their thought-provoking dialogue is meaningful. Viewers see two great minds thoughtfully disagreeing. The film ponders life’s deepest questions. It presents searching for truth as an ongoing journey.

Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero is a new war drama film. It tells a true story from history. The movie is set during World War II. It focuses on a soldier named Thomas. He courageously fights overseas. Yet faces discrimination back home.

Thomas continues serving faithfully. He risks his life to save fellow troops. Thomas exemplifies faith in action. The film shares his inspirational story. It highlights how Thomas overcame prejudice. Viewers learn lessons of bravery, sacrifice and redemption.



Bonhoeffer is a biographical film. It depicts the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was a German pastor and theologian. During World War II, Bonhoeffer lived in troubled times. He witnessed the rise of the Nazis. Bonhoeffer opposed Hitler’s regime. He worked to save Jews from the Holocaust. 

Bonhoeffer’s faith compelled him to act. Despite risks, he stood up for righteousness. The film shows his courageous acts of defiance. It illustrates how he faced persecution. Ultimately, Bonhoeffer sacrificed his life resisting evil. Viewers learn of his inspiring example.

For thought-provoking narratives

Christian Movies Out In 2024 will feature thoughtful, thought-provoking narratives that engage audiences in exploring complex issues of morality, justice, mercy and grace through a lens of faith. Here are some Christian thought-provoking narratives movies below:

The Book of Clarence

The Book of Clarence

The Book of Clarence is based on a novel. It tells the story of a young angel named Clarence. Clarence receives his first assignment on Earth. His task is to help a depressed man named George. George is suicidal and lost. Clarence must show George life’s beauty. 

They form an unlikely friendship. Through Clarence, George finds purpose. The film explores importance of empathy. It portrays how kindness strengthens. Viewers witness George’s journey to hope. They learn angels come in life’s darkest moments.

Month Movie Title Platform Estimated Release Date Brief Description
January Ordinary Angels Theaters/Streaming January 12, 2024 True story of a hairdresser finding purpose helping a family through a child’s illness.
January Unsung Hero Theaters/Streaming January 27, 2024 Biographical drama about the Smallbone family, founders of Hillsong Church.
February Someone Like You Theaters/Streaming February 10, 2024 Love story blossoming amidst unexpected challenges.
February (Film TBA) Theaters/Streaming February 24, 2024 (To be announced)
March The Book of Clarence Theaters/Streaming March 9, 2024 Modern reimagining of the Moses story, exploring themes of identity and leadership.
March Bonhoeffer Theaters/Streaming March 23, 2024 The life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian who defied the Nazis.

A Comprehensive Guide to Christian Cinema in 2024

The year 2024 will have many good Christian movies. These movies tell stories about being kind to others. They show how people help friends in need. Some movies teach us to forgive and give second chances. Others tell real stories about people who fought unfairness with their faith. The stories make us feel happy or teach important lessons, whether real or made up.

Families can watch feel-good movies together at home or at theaters. Kids can see movies about friends and first crushes. Big kids and grownups get movies that make you think hard. History lovers see true tales of brave men and women long ago.

No matter who watches, all the films leave viewers feeling better. They remind us we can overcome hard times by helping each other and having faith. Christian movies in 2024 will inspire and encourage everyone who sees them. They show us to keep hope even when days are dark.


What is the next movie 2024?

Some Christian movies coming out in 2024 include:

  • Someone Like You
  • Bonhoeffer
  • The Book of Clarence
  • Ordinary Angels etc.

Are there any Christian movies?

Yes, there are many Christian movies. Some Christian movies are based on historical events, while others are set in modern times.

What religious holiday is in May?

Pentecost is a Christian holiday that takes place on May 19th.

Who was Big James in the Bible?

In the Bible, James the Greater, also known as Saint James or the Apostle James, was one of Jesus Christ’s 12 disciples.


Christian movies in 2024 will tell many inspiring stories. There will be a long list of films for every person. Movies about family, friendship, and faith will teach valuable life lessons. Stories set in history will profile courageous men and women. Whether based on true events or fiction, each film spreads a message of hope.

The full list of Christian movies for 2024 looks very exciting. Families, children, teenagers and adults will all find movies they love. The stories will bring people together while providing encouragement. Seeing how others overcome struggles will uplift viewers. Christian cinema continues to bring joy and teach morality. Everybody should look forward to the upcoming films. They will undoubtedly spread messages of kindness, love and courage.

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